Tuesday, October 7, 2008

72 More Days!

My first "blog"!! Hopefully I'm doing this right.. This small clip of Jared and a few other guys in at MEPS in Mechanicsburg.. about an hour before leaving for basic.. The last day I get to see my boy before he becomes a man :)
I can't wait for December to come, so I can meet my new Marine !

...This is a friend of ours who graduated at Parris Island a few days before Jared left..
We can thank Corey for his good advice and motivation.
I know Jared can't wait to get those dress blues!!!
..And cool pictures like the one I snapped of Corey saluting at the September 11th ceremony,
at our old school... Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center.
That's all for now. Maybe more when I get the hang of this thing!

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t.t. Millers said...

Nena- I am pretty sure that Ahren in in this picture all the way on the right!